My very oversized sunglasses

Here they are my oversized sunglasses that saved me from all the bugs


Today one of my dear old friends from college came to visit me so I took her for a bike ride around a tiny Island just outside Colchester (and yes there is an Island in Essex, quite cute called Mersea Island and the Islander Fish bar do the best fish and chips)

I thought that since today was a fairly warm day bugs and flies would be flying everywhere around all the trees and plants in general so I grabbed the biggest pair of sunglasses I have to protect my eyes from the bugs. Good job I did because even with my BIG sunglasses a bug still managed to get past and got into my eye and for a moment I thought I was going blind and nearly lost control of my bike (that could have been a nasty accident). Before you ask yes- in the photo I am indeed in a Smurfs t-shirt because I love them that much! I have got it in pink too but with Smurfette in a different pose. I know people probably think I am really sad at age 27 but you know what?? I don’t really care.