Pantone Sunglasses with clashing arms

Here I am on a sunny day wearing my Pantone sunglasses -colour clashing arms.

My Alarm went off at 7.30am today but I didn’t go to bed until 2am! 5 and half hours sleep is just not enough beauty sleep for a girl. It wasn’t by choice going to bed so late, I had work to finish off but hey-ho.

Today was a driving around day to different places for meetings- it was a gorgeous day for driving, air-con on and sunnies on! I have gone for a very dark pair of sunglasses today. Firstly because it was a very sunny day and secondly to hide those dark circles underneath my eyes. Today I was wearing another pair of my PANTONE sunglasses with one white arm and one purple arm which, totally clashed with my electric blue dress but clashing is good- right?? I have read that this seasons biggest trend is all about colour clashing.