My working (geeky) Glasses

Yes! I am wearing my geeky glasses with my Hello Kitty Geek T-shirt today


Pantone Sunglasses in the Press

Pantone Sunglasses in the Press- Eyes Magazine July 2011


No quite sure what happened to the sunshine today but it is defiantly not here. Maybe the sun is on vacation too in somewhere like Spain. So in my Pantone sunglasses go- back into its case and out come my working glasses. I call them my working glasses because I feel more intelligent when I wear them and it helps me to work- I think. These glasses are the other brand I also distribute to the UK m-Kenics. They are unbelievably light and comfy to wear infact it feels like I got nothing on. I think that is why it helps me to work because I am not too busy trying to push them back on and have my full focus on working.

Productive day of working from home I feel because Pantone Sunglasses was featured in a trade magazine-Eyes. RESULT! Oh and yes- I am wearing a Hello Kitty Geek T-shirt