Me in geeky glasses

My first pair of geeky glasses


I took my trusty 206 for a service today (or now yesterday as it has gone past midnight) and waited 2 hours for it. During those 2 hours of course I was playing Smurfs village (now up to level 20). In my Smurfs village I have Brainy Smurf (excuse all the Smurf talk) and I couldnt help but notice how round and big his glasses are and now with the times, how geek chic he is!

That got me thinking again about my glasses history. When I started to have blurry vision and was really struggling to see the whiteboard at school (it was year 9 I believe) I knew deep down I was beginning to have the symptoms of short sighted-ness. But I refused to believe it as I REALLY did not want to wear glasses (it was not cool at the time and kids got bullied for it I am sure).  In the end I had to give in and my mum dragged me to Boots Opticians (who I am still with now). There it was in black and white that my sight was not perfect at –1.25.

Mum moaned at me for not looking after my eyes and how I now have to wear glasses. “GLASSES” I thought to myself. I am only –1.25 and if I squint a little I can still see perfectly. By that point mum was already off to pick my glasses and I had no interest what so ever. Looking back I really should of got more involved with the whole glasses picking process because the pair she picked were HORRIENDOUS! They were as big as my face and as round as you like. I have no photographic evidence of me wearing them at that point in my life (thank god!) but here it is- just for you guys, me wearing them now. Vintage Laura Ashley, Rose Petal 50-18,135 before the time of anti-glare lenses.