My glasses and me

Now I have my own eyewear business I live and breath it all the time which also got me thinking about my history of eyewear (some are soooo terrible!). Lately, my long term boyfriend and I (we have been together for 6 years) have been talking about maybe moving in together. Which is fine but it fills me with dread because where are all my clothes and shoes going to live??? As well as glasses I also live and breath fashion.

Anyway… I been slowly sorting out all my belongings in my bedroom and here they are! My VERY first pair of sunglasses! It was my 7th birthday present given to me by my uncle in my favorite colour- lilac. I remember how I used to adore them and I even remember wearing them inside a shopping centre where there was clearly no sign of sunshine. My mum used to get quite annoyed with me refusing to take them off and I think if I had my way I would even wear them in bed.

Since I found them, it would be rude not to put them on and I secretly thought to myself would I still love them as much as I used to. The style is rather like a pair of vintage Ray-ban. Of course I didn’t take into consideration my head might be slightly bigger compared to when I was 7 years old (I am now 27) I stood in-front of the mirror closed my eyes and put them on. As I opened my eyes, I burst out laughing!  Laughing at my reflection because of how stupid I look.  They are so small and far too tight around my head which gives me a slight headache.

So here we are… after 20 years my first pair of sunglasses should really just stay in their case and just remember it fondly for what it was. Maybe one day I will pass it onto my daughter (that is if I take them with me to our new pad).  As you have probably noticed (and may have even had a good laugh at) above is a photo I found from my mum’s album of me wearing them at age 7 and of course I took a photo of me wearing them today at age 27. Enjoy laughing… I did!