Retro purple tinted glasses

Here is my retro tinted purple glasses- what was I thinking???


Apart from my eyewear business, I also enjoy making vintage jewellery to sell on ebay and I am currently in the process of setting up an ebay shop for a collection of buttons earrings I have made whenever I get the chance.

So whenever someone says the word vintage the word retro also comes to my mind (I am unsure why but it does) and talking of retro I have a pair of the most horrendous tinted purple glasses from when I was 18. Obviously at that time I thought they are the best thing since sliced bread and I also thought I was the coolest optical wearer in the whole college- with these purple tinted glasses I was invincible. My goodness, looking back now how wrong was I, when I put them on today to take a picture for you guys I actually wanted to puke so maybe that is why once again there is no photographic evidence of me in those glasses.