My Pantone Sunnies!

Photo on the left is Crystal grey and on the right is Pink

my pantone sunglasses

My Pantone Aviator style sunglasses with changeable arms-LOVE it!

SUNSHINE! Hoorrayyy! We have had nothing but rain for the past few days so when I woke up this morning to find sunshine beaming through a gap in my curtains it was totally not what I was expecting.

So it is time to dig out those sunnies once again (not the ones from when I was 7), my Pantone Universe Eyewear sunnies with changeable colour arms! This is the brand I distribute in the UK and yes you guessed it – Pantone are indeed the people who dictate the colours for each fashion season (so whatever colour is in fashion now, Pantone chose it)

I have gone for a Pink and a crystal grey arm today and yes the photo was taken in the evening when I can finally sit down and write my blog! Also excuse the wet hair and my baggy lounging around Allsaints T-shirt.