Just plain and simple

Just plain and simple clear m-kenics frame

Friday can be a strange day. You have been working all week and just want Friday to come faster but when it finally arrives you almost wish the day would last just a little longer so you can get everything done before the weekend. In a way you end up feeling more exhausted, but boy when it finally arrives it sure feels good especially the moment when you turn your computer off, pack your bags, walk out of that office door and head to the nearest bar for much needed wind down cocktails before you head home.

Since today is Friday I have a more relaxed approached to what I wear, even down to my glasses. I have gone for a clear plastic m-kenics frame so it almost looks like I am wearing nothing. I thought because it is sunny I may have less chance of getting tan marks on my face where the glasses are. I remember one year I did actually get a slight tan mark on my face where the glasses sit and let just say that was not a good look! Because I am Chinese I tan really easily and once I am tanned it doesn’t really go away (I am sorry, I don’t mean to make everyone jealous and I am not rubbing it in). I actually love a bit of tanning but in my culture every single girl wants to be pale white and it baffles me, but for my families standard I am farrrrr too dark. HA! Oh well.