Madrid Market

I might have forgot to tell you guys I am in Madrid visiting a very good uni friend of mine and we are crashing at hers at the moment.

Woke up to another gorgeous day (sorry to my UK readers if the weather is bad) and my friend took us to a local flea Market and I was in love! You can buy anything and everything in this market. I bought myself two Spanish style fans and some seriously cool baggy cropped trousers (everyone in Spain seem to be wearing them) then I came across a sunglasses stand and you can buy soooooo many different styles of sunglasses starting from €5. I tried the ones on in the picture above and quite liked it but I didn’t end up buying them because I think I probably do own enough sunglasses to last me a life time! However, who knows I may go back and buy them, after all I am on holiday 😉

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