We have found a Tiger Shop in Madrid
Sunglasses in Tiger

Today is bank holiday Monday in the UK but not in Madrid even though Madrid roughly has 17 bank holidays according to my friend (17 bank holidays is ridiculous!!!). My friend went to work and told me to go to this Park in the centre of Madrid which used to be the kings garden. The park is beautiful!!! It pretty much made London’s hyde park look rubbish!

After spending a good 2-3 hours in the park we headed down to another shopping district and visited a shop called Tiger, we also have this shop in the UK. In fact there used to be one in Essex but it closed down 🙁 I loved that shop- it had so many cool random things in it. Anyway there is one in Madrid and they sell sunglasses so of course I tried a pair on and they were the same style as the ones I saw at V. Remember?? I took a photo of a girl in the flip up glasses- very cool!

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