m-kenics work glasses

So I had a day yesterday to recover from my holiday (it’s funny that you actually need time to recover from your holiday when a holiday should really relax you so you are mentally ready for the hectic life again)

Today I have put on my working glasses on (yes! you guys got it, the m-kenics pair- the same pair I had on a few blogs back). I feel I needed these working glasses today so I can really knuckle down and get on. That is the problem when you have your own business you need to catch up with everything again! Also did I mention apart from Eyeternity I also have a cute little online accessories shop which I run in my spare time?? Go and check it out, it is www.socute.co.uk I am currently busy trying to prepare for an exhibition I am taking part in 3weeks time- eeeekkk! Wish me luck!

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