Eyeternity- PANTONE sunglasses

Today was the last day of the event I was involved in and as well as promoting SoCute I also used half of the space to promote Eyeternity and of course PANTONE eyewear!

Well the event was called “Girls Weekend” held at Colchester charter Hall and it sure was interesting! No exhibitors were happy with the turn out of the show including myself. We were told they were expecting 6000 people to show up across 2 days but it was more like 250 people across 2 days so all businesses made a massive loss. Apart from that all the posters and flyers that were sent out to the public had no indication as to how much tickets were so when people got to the door and found out it’s £10- many people must have turned away. To top it off the organiser showed no remorse, pretty much denied all the facts and had a really poor attitude! Right at the end he had a crowd of angry people questioning him on the organisation of the event and he basically annoyed the exhibitors even more by his poor people skills. Really sorry for the rant but I am feeling very cheated as a business woman especially when times are hard!