m-kenics half plastic, half titanium frame
Half plastic, half titanium frame

As I mentioned the other day we will be having an engagement party and now the venue is booked I feel it is time to look for that all important party dress.

I have been searching for hours on the Internet to find something and no luck. Well tell a lie I did see one dress from Coast which I love!! But at £250 for one night I simply cannot justify it. The dress is in a gorgeous purple colour and the hem is white so like a dip dye two tone effect.

With that in mind it also got me thinking about two tone glasses frames- rare! But they do exist. m.kenics do a range of two tone frames (as shown from the photos above) the top half is acetate sheet and bottom half is titanium. Stylish, yet elegant just like the dress I love. Haha! Shall I buy it??? At £250 is a bit steep- ahhh help readers!!!