Last night obviously I didn’t go to bed until really late. Just before I went to bed I was doing one last thing on my mac. Suddenly it froze and make a ticking noise. From that I just knew my mac was going to die and it did- the mac spinning circle of death came up. That was it, game over! I have had my G4 since my first year in Uni back in 2003 so it has done tremendously well to last this long! Nearly 9 years old!

Unlike Carrie from SATC I do back up my mac but the last time I backed up was a month ago so I have still got a months worth of work to rescue from my hard drive. All my blogging inspirations are all still in there. Anyway I am really sorry to be talking about my broken mac and not about glasses but this mac has helped me to write many blog entries and it got me through Uni- good times! RIP my lil mac!