Glasses from the Silmo Optical exhibition
Wooden Glasses frame
funky rimless lens

So how was everyone’s weekend? Did you all enjoy the gorgeous sunshine? I certainly did and I have been trying to make the most of it before winter arrives.

Really sorry I didn’t blog yesterday. It wasn’t because I was too busy sunbathing! It was because I had a day of doing DIY then had to rush and get ready for a friend’s 30th birthday party- I had one too many to drink and the rest of the evening was history. ha!

Anyway the pictures above are the photos I took from the optical exhibition I went to on Thursday in Paris. The first two pairs you can’t actually really see from the photo but they are actually made out of wood! How cool is that! Then the very last picture is from a company who specialises in cutting lenses in all kinds of fun shapes so rimless may never be the same again in future. You heard it here first guys- industry secrets 😉