sunglasses as seen in Brides Magazine
Glasses as seen in Brides Magazine

Well what a productive day I have had today! I can finally have a little rest and a bit of me time.

Before I got engaged me time involved going on Facebook and chatting to friends but now it is flicking through bridal magazines or searching the Internet.

As I was flicking through the Sept/Oct issue of You & Your Wedding I came across the “Groom Fashion Section. It is interesting because it featurs a pair of sunglasses and a pair of normal glasses! Do men now days really wear sunglasses (normal glasses I understand) on their big day?? If so when? During the ceremony? At the reception lunch or during the first dance? I have been to many weddings but never seen a groom wearing sunglasses. Or are the sunglasses in the page is just for show? What do you think?