So yes readers as you may all be aware Christmas is approx 6 weeks away (sorry if I have just scared you and made you worry about all those xmas presents you haven’t bought). Christmas is the time where everyone famous brings out their autobiography and somehow I always manage to get at least two of them as present. I am not being ungrateful but I don’t know where to find the time to read them all but last year I got  the Michael McIntyre  life & Laughing (I am a massive fan of his) and I am not even joking- I read the entire book within two weeks because I enjoyed it so much and found it very inspiring.

Anyway you are all probably thinking what this got to do with glasses? Well ….  Michael McIntyre actually wear glasses

michael-mcintyre in glasses

Michael-Mcintyre in glasses

but how often do we actually see him on TV with glasses on? Which raise another question- how many celebrities out there actually wear glasses but choose not to and if they choose not to then why?  Is glasses really that uncool people should be ashamed of it? One of my friend he actually makes me laugh because he is rather blind but he is unable to wear contact lenses due to some damaged tissue in his eye. So the only way for him to see properly is to wear glasses but he still chose not to wear them on a night out because he believe it is unfashionable and he will not attract the opposite sex. I have said to him before since you are quite blind, how would you even know if someone attractive is standing next to you?

Come on readers- how do we make glasses more appealing? I know Gok Wan is trying his very best  but more needs to be done! Let me know your thoughts 🙂