Now winter is here and even though it has been a mild November so far it has been pretty windy.  Now when it is windy and if I wear contact lenses  the wind really does dry my eyes out (not a nice feeling). I am not sure if this also happens to other glasses or contact lenses wearers but when ever I go on fun fair rides or the crazy rides from places like Thorpe Park I actually cannot keep my eyes open for too long because the wind is just too much to bare for my eyes.  It feels like my contact lenses will fall out. At the same time you clearly cannot wear glasses on a ride because you are just asking for trouble.

So either way if you wear contact lenses you can’t keep your eyes open for long to see the whole ride and if you wear glasses the whole ride will just look blur as you need to take them off. One thing I have discovered lately is when I cut onions and I wear contact lenses it actually prevents me from going teary. Maybe it is the extra layer on top of my eyeballs to protect them? Who knows! All in all to sum up this post, I am basically saying when it is windy wearing contact lenses suck, on fun fair rides wearing contact lenses or glasses sucks but for onion cutting contact lenses is the way forward 😉 Anyone have any thoughts on this topic? If so feel free to drop me an email and I look forward to reading them and maybe share them with all the other readers.