Well today has been a bit of a crazy day in terms of things happening.  So many things happened I am still just trying to digest them all. First of all I have finally joined Twitter so my blog now has its very own Twitter page- find me @MyGlassesAndMe or on my facebook page. Please become a fan or start to follow me 🙂

Now, couple of days ago I had an email from the editor of BloodSweatAndFashion (BSAF) complementing me on my blog and I have to say I was very flattered! If you haven’t already checked them out then I highly recommend it. It is packed full of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, food and much more! BSAF also introduced me to an eyewear brand called Kirk Originals. Kirk Originals have a pretty awesome flagship store in London and if you want fashionable eyewear then that is the place to go.  Kirk and I have something in common and that is we both believe eyewear is way under the fashion radar- we want to bridge the gap between fashion and glasses, at the end of the day glasses to some people are an everyday essential just like clothes.