Hello readers, my oh my I have been a busy girl today. I did lots of interviews and I have many exciting write ups for you coming very soon 😉 They include the founder of kirk originals (what a nice man!), the founders of Orb Optical and two more surprise interviews.

While I was in Orb Optical today I fell in love with the shop and the two founders, they are just a really lovely couple. Oh and of course I love their range of glasses 😉 One of the owners Rimple showed me these Gotti sunglasses and immediately I loved the design of them! They are the answer to every women’s (lack of space) handbag situation. Not sure if it is just me but when I have a massive pair of sunglasses, very often the case that comes with them is also huge! However, these Gotti sunglasses allow you to twist the arms 180 degrees so it looks like the arms are bending outwards. However when you fold them down, they fold practically flat! AMAZING!!!