Orb Optical

Orb Optical


A little while back I had a freelance job around Charlotte Street, just off Tottenham Court road and everyday I walked passed this really new, bright, modern looking eyewear shop called Orb.


if glasses had a heaven then this shop is it


One day after work I gave in and just had to walk in to have a closer look.  The shop is pure white and if glasses had a heaven then this shop is it! Pure white, calm and elegant- absolute bliss.

As I walked in the two lovely owners Rashpel and Rimple greeted me. Their shop is laid out beautifully, nothing like the ordinary boring optician where all you can see are racks and racks of glasses!  After all we are now in the 21st century. The shop is very clean cut and the glasses are all displayed neatly without clutter.

I got chatting to them and here’s how our little chat went, it all started off with a few simple questions…

MGAM: How long have you been in the optical industry?

Orb: 16 years


MGAM: How long have you been open?

Orb: 5 months


MGAM: Why open your own store?

Orb: To get away from the high street where everything is so commercialised, also to offer a better and more personalised service to the customer.  Another great thing about opening your own store is to have the freedom to pick your own frames to sell with no restriction.


Orb Optical

Orb Optical

Orb Optical

Orb Optical's Colourful Frames










MGAM: Why did you choose the brands you carry?

Orb:  We only carry 4 commercial brands and they are sunglasses such as Ray-ban because they are a super brand and people want them. Otherwise we carry brands such as Tom Davis and Munic because they are good quality, bespoke, interesting shapes with better and unique materials.


MGAM: What makes a good brand of glasses?

Orb: Everyone is an individual and they are fashion conscious to some extent, so as long as it fits well and looks good on.


MGAM: What is the best selling brand in your shop?

Orb: Tom Ford, Tom Davis, Munic, Anglo America and Gotti


MGAM: What is the current trend for glasses and what do you think will be the future trend?

Orb: Big, retro and rounded shapes.


Orb Optical Sign

Orb Optical Sign

Orb Optical

Orb Optica










MGAM: What is a typical Orb customer?

Orb: Aged from 20-45, work in the local area normally within the media and design industry such as Architects.


MGAM: Is there anything you would like my readers to know about your shop, which gives it a unique selling point and attracts customers?

Orb: By being independent we can offer a personal service and accommodate different needs.


After visiting, I feel the décor in Orb puts many opticians to shame!  Some opticians do just look and feel so outdated but of course IF this is done tastefully then we class it as vintage. This makes me think, do consumers really want to play it safe and visit the standard shop for standard frames?  Or is the optical industry not offering us enough exciting new things?  Thank goodness for Orb.

Another very exciting thing about Orb is from the New Year (which is coming around VERY soon now) they will be launching two new exciting brands to Londoners.  One is called Paul And Joe and the other is called m.kenics. Paul And Joe is a French brand and it is so exclusive that they only allow 7 stockists in the UK and Orb will be one of them so aren’t you Londoners lucky. m.kenics frames are lightweight titanium and are all hand finished in Japan.  They are launching for the first time in the UK . More about these two new brands to come in the New Year so stay tuned!

If you would like to visit or find out more about this beautiful little eyewear heaven then go to http://www.orboptical.com (site is currently under construction – 21/12/11)