I know Christmas and New Year seems ages ago already and if we all made New Year’s resolutions then we have probably all broken them by now. I for one can put my hands up and say yes, I have indeed broken my new year resolution. My New Year’s resolution was simple- to stop accumulating so many pairs of glasses but so far this hasn’t worked out too well for me. The new m.kenics range has just arrived at the Eyeternity office and already I have claimed about 5 pairs! Infact I have been so desperate to wear them, I am wearing them without my prescription!  I cannot wait that long so instead I am wearing them with my contacts with dummy lenses.

If you are like me and have got a glasses fetish and if you are looking for some new glasses for the new year (new year, new look- that kinda thing) then head down to Orb Optical near Goodge Street tube station. They are one of the exclusive opticians in the UK to hold the French brand Paul & Joe Eyewear and they are also the first opticians in UK holding the m.kenics eyewear range.

Paul&Joe Eyewea

Paul&Joe Eyewear


m.kenics eyewear

m.kenics eyewear

So what could be better?! By purchasing one of these frames from Orb Optical you will be one of the most exclusive glasses wearers in the UK so what a good way to start the new year, with a new look 😉 for more information about the ranges then please visit http://orboptical.com/