So it is day four of London Fashion Week and my friends have been asking me- “does it get a bit boring after the second day?”. Well the answer is yes and no. Yes because you do see some familiar faces and if you are just going to see catwalk shows everyday, it does get into a bit of a routine but when it’s over you will miss it. No because I just love seeing what is coming in the next season, the buzz around it and I love how everyone makes a real effort to “dress to impress”. That is my take on it so I am sticking to it.

I did briefly pop down to Somerset House today just to see what’s been happening in the world of London Fashion Week. After the madness of the weekend, today it is much more civilised. Even though today is Monday and most have the Monday Blues, there is still one show that everyone has been waiting for and this show as per usual never disappoints! Of course I am talking about Alexander McQueen!

For A/W 2012 McQueen took the Military look to the next level- masculine tailoring meets lace. The colour palette consists of black, olive green and deep red with the heavy use of leather, lace and mesh. So this leads me to the next big question… will the McQueen military look influence the eyewear industry? Will we be seeing more glasses (especially sunglasses) designed in more of a ballistic style and will leather and lace be used in eyewear!? If no one out there is designing what I am describing now then maybe I should give it a bash myself because I would like to wear it. hehehe.