All of last week my life pretty much revolved around London fashion Week and that got me thinking. All of the trends from the catwalk will be of course translate  to a more purse friendly version for the high street shoppers like myself. So, I would like to know if that is the reason why sunglasses from the High street shops such as River Island, TopShop and NewLook are much more in line with the trends from season to season. Best of all they are affordable for almost all consumers so if you do want to stay on top of the fashion game then there is no need to sell a kidney.

Back in the day when I was still a spring chicken I remember the choices of sunglasses for optical wearers were practically none existant! I used to hate it when it was summer because all my friends can buy their fashionable sunglasses but not me! Nowadays I have to say the choices are far better and with big brands like Ray-ban and Maui Jim taking the lead, things are certainly looking up! However, they are not as purse friendly but of course you are buying the brand name as well as the frame. For an optical wearer if we want to wear fashionable sunglasses then the only way is to pay the expensive price just so we are buying a frame that is glaze-able for our special lenses.

I hope all you none optical wearer out there feel blessed with the perfect 20/20 vision because this buying sunglasses business is not easy for us folks. There is a way to get around that issue though but SsssHHhhhhhh! dont tell anyone… wear contact lenses so you are able to wear what ever sunglasses you want 😉