Day two of London Fashion Week and what a rainy day it was as it approached the afternoon but that still hasn’t stopped the fashionista’s coming out to play! For the past two days I have been busy taking photos for the street style section of my blog and if I were to put every single photo up I would be here uploading forever! I think I may have got a little snap happy so I have narrowed them down. It was a tough job, I am not going to lie. Everyone just looked so freaking awesome and I am sooooo happy to see this many fash girls and boys in some sort of eyewear, whether its glasses or sunglasses. It is proving my point time and time again that eyewear is just as important as any other accessory because your face is the first thing anyone will look at! FACT!

Here are my top 3 picks… well maybe top 4 because I really could not narrow them down any more than that.


London Fashion Week Street Style

I saw this Japanese boy walking towards me from a distance and the first thing I noticed was his glasses, then his awesome dress sense. They were uber funky and I had some serious specs envy! The glasses was made out clear plastic all the way through with bright red to outline the shape of the glasses and surprise, surprise I will never be able to get my hands on a pair because they are all the way from Japan!  I don’t really fancy paying for a flight to Japan just for some specs- if I did that it will be boarder line odd and maybe just a tiny little bit obsessive.