Hey Readers, so… are we all enjoying the gorgeous spring like weather? I have been wearing a different pair of sunnies each day so far, I am getting far too excited about this weather! This weekend it’s my birthday and I have hit 28! wow! 20 years ago I moved to the UK and 10 years ago I was involved in a major car accident.

Anyhow, back to my original point! I am having a very spoilt weekend so normal blogging shall be back to normal as from Monday. Next week I do have couple of exciting things happening in terms of specs, Tuesday I will be attending Silhouette press preview and also one for the America Vintage eyewear brand Kings of Past so stay tuned 😉

By the way I am now the contributing fashion editor on a website called Specs Network and in there I will be loading more street style pictures from London Fashion Week just incase you are wondering why some of your photos have not been featured here. I will post a link up!

It is night for now and stay spexy 😉 x