When it comes to technology I am no guru, that is for sure but I do know 3D TV’s are becoming¬†increasingly¬†popular. Regardless of that I am sure everyone has experienced 3D in the cinema or even with computer games. Now… after doing some research I do know there are two types of 3D, one is active and the other is passive .

The beauty of these Polaroid 3D glasses is they are suitable for both types of 3D because at the moment, 3D glasses are only designed to be used with one type or the other. So the good thing about these Polaroid 3D glasses is you will only ever need to have one pair which you can use at home or in the cinema.

Polaroid 3D glasses

Polaroid 3D glasses

Trendy 3D glasses from Polaroid

When everyone thinks of 3D glasses it is always associated with unfashionable, uncomfortable and unflattering bits of plastic stuck on your face but these Polaroid ones are something else. They are highly stylish and for optical wearers do not worry because they have also designed a range which will sit on top of your own glasses and still keep the uber stylish look.

They are very reasonably priced too at RRP £29 and they are yours to keep forever, which is perfect for people like me who is forever forgetting to take my 3D glasses and keep having to buy them each time I go to the cinema! It all adds up! To find out more visit http://www.polaroidsunglasses.co.uk/sunglasses/3d_glasses/index.htm