So… who is bored of me talking about London Fashion Week yet? Today is day 5 of London Fashion Week and tomorrow will be the final day! All the Fash action will be over, well until September anyway.

Tonight I am going to give London Fashion Week a rest and talk about something else instead. The other big event which happened tonight is of course the Brit Awards! I was watching it live in the comfort of my home and enjoying a dance around to Rihanna. James Corden was a great host, especially when people kept walking in front of him during his live links!  Anyway, I was doing some serious specs spotting tonight.  There were quite a few sporting some glasses/sunglasses this evening!  Tinie Tempah, the guitarist in Blur, Geroge Michael and of course I  spotted Alan Carr dancing like a nutter to Adele!  He is clearly her number one fan!

Other specs related news with the Brit Awards; Polariod supplied pieces from their new sunglasses range in the luxury goodie bags for the likes of Rihanna, Noal Gallagher, Adele and many more!  I was lucky enough to get my hands on a pair and I can say they are lucky people, the sunglasses are amazing!  Keep your eyes peeled to see who is spotted wearing them!

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