All the excitement of London Fashion Week is now over (until the next season anyway) and many of my readers would like to know what is coming next. Well over the next few weeks I will be attending a few events. The first is to see the new Silhouette  sunglasses range. Just to give you quick background info on Silhouette... they are one of the biggest players in the optical industry and pretty much most opticians will stock some of their range because they are the specialist in rimless glasses ( I am really sorry if rimless do not float your boat but for some reason, lots of people still loves them). If you ever want rimless then Silhouette is a name you will want to remember. There’s a little tip for you 😉

I will also be attending a preview event for an American company called Kings of Past who specialise in vintage eyewear. I highly recommend you to go and check out their website and their specs. if you are after unique frame then Kings of Past should be on top of your list!

See, life still goes on after London Fashion Week so don’t be too sad 🙂 hehehe. Keep reading and stay spexy peeps and bye bye for now! x