I am personally a VERY big Radio 1 fan, I love all the DJ’s on the station. If I had to pick my fav then I would say Fearne Cotton. I love the live lounge session’s she does. So far I think my fav Live Lounge session has got to be Adele- her voice is just brilliant and she is also from Essex. Woop!

Today if you were listening/watching then you would know another mega star was on Fearne’s show. Of course I am talking about the very gorgeous Katy Perry!

Image from Celebrity-gossip.net

Image from Celebrity-gossip.net

I am sure everyone is aware Miss Perry has gone for a very drastic change in hair colour. From her usual brunette to blue and today as she showed up at Radio 1 with a very striking, bold and super black shades to go with her little black dress.

We always knew Katy Perry was never shy when it comes to showing off her individuality- I mean how many people out there with a pale skin like hers dares to dye their hair blue then wear uber dark shades?  How many people can pull off that look like she can?

I personally have always admired her choice in eyewear, she always picked the right thing or maybe that is down to her stylist?  I am pretty sure the eyewear and fashion industry had her to thank for bringing the whole cat eye trend to the masses.

To read the article on Katy Perry from Celebrity-Gossip then please follow  http://celebrity-gossip.net/katy-perry/katy-perrys-black-gold-blue-bbc-radio-1-visit-596037

And to listen to Katy Perry’s live lounge performance then please follow http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/sessions/2012-03-19_katyperry