After the Silhouette press preview yesterday I have been doing some thinking. For someone who has “the perfect” 20/20 vision, you can pretty much buy any style of frames you want from any high street fashion chain. However, if you are an optical wearer there are certain style of frames that may be off limit.

Take sunglasses as an example- if you wanted to buy some giant frames, basically like the one I tried on yesterday then that will not be possible for optical wearers because they are unglaze-able. With the lens curving around the eyes it is impossible to glaze  to any sort of prescription due to the thickness and extra coatings the patient may require such as scratch resistance etc… it will be really hard to do or just really damn expensive!

Not very fair is it? Of course the only way to get around that is to wear contact lenses but not everyone is actually suited to wear contact lenses. So for those people who are unfortunate and are unable to wear contact lenses then there will always be certain styles that are off limit to you (as I am sure some of you have discovered).

Do not fret! there are sooooo many other styles to choose from and not being able to wear the odd one or two is not the end of the world but I think all you people out there with “the perfect” 20/20 vision should feel blessed that you don’t have an extra thing to worry about, along with what shoes match what outfit and what bags goes with which shoes 😉

Enjoy the read and good night for now- bi bi 😉 x