As I was flicking through my fav fash mag- Marie Claire’s April issue, I was rather excited by the spring fashion that is coming in and I simply love spring 🙂

Of course since it is packed full of spring fashion trends, sunnies were of course a must have item! Now… I have always considered Marie Claire to be more of a high end magazine (but not as posh as Vogue). So when I saw a pair of £2 Primark sunnies being featured, I was very surprised.

However, even though Primark is known for it’s cheap fast fashion it’s good that high fashion magazines like Marie Claire are not afraid to feature them. At the end of the day fashion should be accessible to everyone and not everyone can afford to pay hundreds of pounds just for a pair of sunnies. Thumbs up to Marie Claire but now we just need to see more fashion mags featuring normal glasses as part of fashion 😉 There is still that gap between fashion and optical glasses! Us optical wearers love fashion too you know!