Today was a really early start for me. I was up at 5am and I was rushing around trying to get ready for 6am.

Normally when it’s a really sunny day I tend to wear contact lenses so I can wear my sunnies. Especially when none of my sunnies are prescription lenses- bad, I know! I am working on it.

However, today I left home wearing glasses and forgot my contacts. So when I came out of the conference (I was stuck indoors all day) at 4.30pm into gorgeous sunshine, I had no choice but to put my sunnies on top of my m.kenics glasses. I am sure this must have happened to others before or is that really just me being a bit special??? It’s not the first time i’ve done that and it won’t be the last, I am sure 😉 Well, I don’t care because at least I can see and my eyes were protected from the sun 😉