I got very excited when I heard about this brand, Farther & Sun. Not from a style or even a fashion aspect but because of their philosophy, it is something I feel quite passionate about as well! I am all about supporting charities and helping people who are less fortunate from third world countries. I personally support the charity the Essex Air Ambulance because it is a local charity to me and I strongly believe in the good work they are doing, all with no support from the government or national lottery.


Farther & Sun Female design 1

Farther & Sun Female design 1

The Farther & Sun Concept

So when I heard about Farther & Sun I also had that same belief in what they do. The concept is simple, whenever someone purchases a pair of Farther & Sun Sunglasses they will give a pair to someone in need. So who is the person behind this brand I hear you ask?  John Pritchard is your man. John worked for a large corporate business for most of his life, he now feels it is time to give something back and do something for somebody else since he spent most of his life giving his time to his boss.


Farther & Sun design Female 2

Farther & Sun Female design 2


10% of the world’s population is visually impaired because they cannot get the glasses they need. Owning a pair of glasses not only gives the instant gratification of clearer vision to the wearer, but the associated economic benefits of being able to work in a job where poor vision would be an issue.


Farther & Sun unisex design

Farther & Sun unisex design


For their first collection launching in Autumn 2012 they have collaborated with the world famous Central St Martins College.  Through this collaboration they aim to produce beautiful sunglasses which are designed by some of the best British talent. From launch, the collection will be available at selected boutiques and a second collection is to follow in Spring 2013 ,so watch this space.  If you are interested to find out more then please go to http://www.fartherandsun.com/. At the moment I do not have any images of the collection but here are some drawings of what to expect so use your imagination.  As soon as I have press images, I shall share them with you all.


Farther & Sun Male design

Farther & Sun Male design


By the way for all my readers that are in the optical industry, here are some names to watch out for because they could be the next generation of eyewear designers. From the Central St Martins collaboration here are some of the best British talent…

Best Female Design : Maria Toro

Best Male Design: Jet Swan

Best Unisex Design: Moly Zinar

Best Concept Design: Zoe Vintilescu

Best Case Design: Molly Zinar

Overall and inspiration for launch collection: Jet Swan