On Saturday 14th April we saw the optical industry gathered at the Hilton Park Lane Hotel to celebrate some of the best in the industry. The Optician Awards are split into 16 different categories and I am not going to go through all of them because I am sure some of you will have no interest whatsoever especially if you are not working within the industry. For my readers who do work in the optical industry then please follow the link to check out all the winners and runners up and if you just want to have a nose then of course by all means, click away http://www.opticianawards.com/opticianawards2012/winners 

The Optician Awards 2012-image from Opticianawards.com

The Optician Awards 2012 – Image source: Opticianawards.com

A Few “Optician Awards” Winners

I will tell you a few of the winners that are relevant. I am sure most of you don’t want to know things like “Optical Assistant Team of the Year”  or  “Lens Product of the Year”. The categories which I feel are interesting for all are as follows…

  • Fashion Frames Practice of the Year sponsored by Vogue- Winner was Kirk Originals, of course who else!!!
  • Frame of the Year- Winner was Superdry Officer, Inspecs. I shall check them out and investigate 😉
  • Independent Practice of the Year sponsored by Hoya- Winner was N and J Robinson Optometrists, Monkseaton. Is that near you?  If so congrats on having a great practice so close.
  • Sunglass of the Year- Winner was Police S8299 583B, De Rigo UK. I bet Police having Luke Evans as their ambassador won loads of brownie points.

So there we have it, that was the Optician Awards for 2012 and it sure was a night full of glasses. If you check out the Paparazzi gallery most people were actually wearing glasses- well the gents were anyway, not so much the ladies but I wonder why that is?? Vanity reasons? Or maybe they genuinely do not wear glasses. I mean surely since you are there to celebrate the eyewear industry so if you do need them why not wear them?

I wonder what will the eyewear industry bring us over the next 12months? I personally want to see more high quality, quirky and super stylish frames. Maybe some designs that actually go with the fashion trends and I want to see more people wearing glasses proudly, wearing bolder designs that stand out from the crowd – who likes the ordinary boring bog standard frames? Come on!

On that note I am will go and investigate the Frame of the Year Winner to see what the fuss is all about and what made them a worthy winner- I shall report back. ok! bye bye for now readers.x