When a brand is called RetroSuper Future and is from Italy, you know they are going to make some pretty cool glasses and you are not wrong! For the Spring/Summer 2012 the offshore collection it is a nice evolution from the previous Panama collection where they have explored further with the design and the use of materials.

For the Offshore collection as well as raising the bar for Super and its competitors, Colour is key: soft translucent colours, new coloured acetates and coloured lenses with contrasts and tints—each combination carefully selected to ensure that the quality and design is not diluted.

Super Giaguaro: Eve - RetroSuper Future

Super Giaguaro: Eve

This season’s Super frames feature matte and crystal acetates while at the same time the Offshore collection sees the inclusion of a new quality photochromatic glass lens by Barberini, set in the first ever full metal frames. Building on the concept that was introduced with the Panama range, it extends the range of hand-crafted prints, such as vintage postcards from the 70’s and 80’s and antique marine drawings to a range of specially-chosen silhouettes.

Prints: The Oceanic series - RetroSuper Future

Prints: The Oceanic series

Part of the Super philosophy is to revisit some of their classics and popular shapes. So for Spring/Summer 2012 they did not disappoint and brought the classic tortoise back to life with new shapes and different combinations of colour and acetate. My fav from this series has to be the frames below- the shapes are fantastic and wearing them you will definitely stand out from the crowd .

HAVANA & TORTOISE SPRING 12 - RetroSuper Future


If you want to find out more about RetroSuper Future then please visit their website http://store.retrosuperfuture.com/ From this write up I did mainly focus on the sunglasses range but optical wearers do not fret because they do have a small range of optical glasses available. A preview of their Autumn/ Winter 2012 collection is still to come shortly so keep a look out 😉