Today I visited the dreaded dentist and survived! I had my annual 6month check up and don’t you just hate the sound of all that equipment when you are waiting in the waiting area? If I am honest, I don’t actually mind going to the dentist but is the whole waiting thing that I don’t like. When I sit there in the waiting room and I hear all these different drilling noises, I start to panic and work myself up before I even go in. Once I am in there I do feel ok because I can see they are not about to start drilling my teeth.

As per usual, the first thing my dentist will do is ask me to put on the protective goggles and god how I missed those sexy little yellow goggles. I really wanted to take a picture but apparently I was not allowed because of the equipment etc… I am pretty sure I looked hideous in them but then again who can pull of protective goggles unless you are Lady Gaga.

Dentis goggles- image from

Dentis goggles- image source:

The styles above are like the exact same ones as the yellow pair I had to wear today. On the hideous scale I would have to give them 10 out of 10. Now… when I got in from my long day today I was intrigued to look into these goggles because why are they so ugly? I do wonder if the dentists have a secret giggle to themselves?

Lets look at it from the practical angle as I feel I am sounding a bit vain at the moment. Once on, the goggles felt quite tight and I didn’t even wear glasses today because I knew this was coming. So when someone goes in there who does wear their glasses, who then puts those on top- surely it will be slightly uncomfy for the next 20 minutes reclining in that dentists chair? Please do share your thoughts on this or maybe even share your own experiences.

To conclude this I guess I would say after researching into dental goggles, there are some pretty stylish ones out there and in my book you should never compromise style with function. However, I guess the less attractive ones are probably cheaper therefore I guess they make financial sense. By the way, by the end of that dentist trip, you will be pleased to know my set of teeth are in top tip condition 😉 Oooo Yeah!