The winner of what you may wonder??? well remember about a month ago I ran a competition here to give a chance for one lucky reader to win a pair of PANTONE sunnies? If not here is a reminder

The competition is obviously now closed but stay tuned for any future competition 😉 Just to jog your memory… the competition was simple, all you had to do was to send me a picture of yourself in any sort of glasses and I pick the best one. It can be any glasses and I did say to be creative so here is the winner I picked.


MGAM competition winner Katie

MGAM competition winner Katie

Why did I pick her? Well what is not to like about those sunglasses? hehehe. To be honest I was sold on the story. Basically Katie’s birthday is on the 29th of February which means she only have one birthday every 4 years- give her a bit of “awwww” please. So this year is indeed leap year and of course we got 29 days in February! Katie was celebrating her 7th Birthday in style. I think she said it was a children’s theme party she had and hence those crazy sunglasses her friends bought her.

What I actually love about this photo is noticed how the UV label is still stuck to the lens, clearly a tad over excited about the party and forgot to take it off??? Anyway a massive congratulation to Katie and happy 7th Birthday until another leap comes 😉

By the way my fellow readers if you got any photos of yourself in some pretty damn spectacular specs (it can be any specs) then feel free to share and email me a picture so I can post it on here to share with the rest of the world 🙂