I am sure you all know by now that Kirk Originals is one of my fav brands because it is so innovative and fresh in terms of the optical industry. So when I found out they won Fashion Frame Practice of 2012 at the Optician awards (which I blogged about last week, you can click here to refresh your memory), I was not shocked in anyway, I would have been more shocked if they hadn’t have won.

There were 5 finalists within the Fashion Frame Practice category and these were 20-20 Optical Store London, Eyesite Opticians Beverley, M Procter Opticians Harrogate, Martin Reynolds Opticians Bishops Stortford and of course Kirk Originals.

CONDUIT st store- shopfront

CONDUIT St - The Kirk Originals Shopfront

Kirk Originals Flagship Store = WOW

I mean with a store that looks like that, how could they not win! It is like an eyewear boutique and is sooooo different than going to your normal “traditional” opticians where there is practically no excitement or fun. By the way this Conduit St store (which is also their flagship store) is the only place in the world to view the entire Kirk Originals collection (as well as selected designers who are not found elsewhere in the UK). Don’t be fooled this is not just a showroom they provide eye testing on site and all of this in a relaxed and fashionable environment.

“Buying glasses should be fun like any fashion purchase. Naturally the medical advice needs to be spot on but so does the styling,” said designer, Karen Kirk.
Founder Jason Kirk added “When you look at what people spend on shoes, we always found it surprising that people did not have more frames. Perhaps it was because historically there was not the choice nor the environment in which to buy them. Thankfully all that has changed.”.  I couldn’t agree more.

inside Conduit Store

Inside Conduit St Store

Now readers… even if you or your friends don’t wear glasses, or if you are a glasses wearer but feel Kirk Originals is not for you, I would still recommend you to go into their Conduit St store to take a look because it is THAT cool!  Places like these should not be missed and for all opticians out there who would like to be a bit different, I think taking a look at Kirk Originals will be a good place to start 😉 That is my view on the matter anyway and I probably sound really bias because of my passion for the brand but either way, go in and decide for yourself and let me know what you think!