Yes! I was once again at another press day today because in the fashion world it is the season of press days where everyone is showcasing their Autumn/Winter collections. So what did I find at EskimoPR??? Well, where to start is the question. I am so overly excited about what I saw that I still need time to digest.

First of all  I would like to apologise once again to the Executive Director Johnathan at EyeRespect because I managed to spill nearly a whole cup of coffee down his shirt by knocking it out of his hand while he was greeting me! Eeeeek! Only I can do something so damn clumsy! Seriously mortified and very embarrassed but luckily he is such a lovely guy! Phew!

EyeRespect at EskimoPR Press day

EyeRespect at EskimoPR Press day

Respect to EyeRespect…

EyeRespect is basically an eyewear company who looks after a few different brands and today they were showcasing AM eyewear, Andy Wolf and John Varvatos. All of which I have written about previously because they are awesome!

Today seeing all these glasses were simply way too exciting for me, I am totally in love with the new range of Andy Wolf, the colourways  are just divine. I really was like a little kid in a candy store but luckily I was supervised by my fiance otherwise I would not have known what to do with myself.

Me wearing one of the new Andy Wolf glasses

Me wearing one of the new Andy Wolf's glasses

The frames I am wearing above are part of the new Andy Wolf collection, look at the amazing colours and the shape- I REALLY WANT THEM!!!! Once I have gathered all the info together I will write a proper post on the new Andy Wolf range because as per usual I like to tease first then make you wait couple of weeks for the full write up. I just noticed in the photo above I could actually pass off as a hamster, look at those big fat cheeks! hahahahaha!


AM eyewear

AM eyewear

As you can see from the evidence, I was trying on as many glasses as I possibly could and there are a lot more photos to come for the proper write up. When I tried on these AM sunglasses, I knew immediately I needed them in my life. I now need to make it a mission to get myself a pair.  They would be a perfect addition to my ever growing collection of eyewear. They may look big, they may look chunky and may look heavy but as a matter of fact they are really light and comfy to wear.

The full write up on all the brands will be up shortly, this is just a taster or a tease whatever you want to call it. If you feel you have seen enough and have fallen madly in love already then go and visit the Eyerespect website, get that plastic out of your wallet and don’t be shy, just don’t tell your bank manager I said that 😉 thanks!