Hello readers! I hope you all had a brilliant Easter break and stuffed yourselves crazy with chocolate Easter eggs… I bet you do not even feel guilty about it do you?!  Me neither! 😉 Anyway I did indeed give myself a little break from the world of blogging and tweeting but now it is all back to normal. I will continue to bring you all things to do with glasses!

So what will the first post be about after the Easter break, well it is about a clothing brand called Eleven Paris. I think the name Paris gives it away as to where the brand is from. So why am I writing about it? Well… the brand is pretty quirky itself, just think casual meets cool chic.  Although the clothes are lovely, that (believe it or not) was not what I was drawn to!

Eleven Paris Ad

Eleven Paris Ad

Check out those Geeky Specs

It was actually this advert I saw in my May’s issue of my fav mag Marie Claire. I thought wow “look at those two cute kids with their massive geeky glasses”. That is what grabbed my attention and made me take notice of the brand.  It actually made me want to find out more! If I am honest, I wanted to find out if they have an eyewear line but unfortunately the answer is no (well not that I can see or find anyway but please do correct me if I am wrong on this).

Either way the brand itself is worth a look especially if you are into your casual chic stylie. As for me I am hoping soon they will bring out some of the specs because I am suffering from major eyewear envy right now! If all kids could look this adorable in glasses then I think glasses should be mandatory! I just love how fash boys and girls now days uses glasses as another form of accessorising an outfit- glasses indeed are cool and this Eleven Paris ad proves it 😉 hehe.