Street style at Boudoir PR

Street style at Boudoir PR

Last Wednesday as I was busy going from one press day to another I still had time to take a quick snap for my street style section while sipping some G&T. Now… how can you mix alcohol with glasses? Simple really, wear some cool specs whiles making a nice refreshing glass of G&T.

During Boudoir PR Press day they have hired a company called The Traveling Gin Co and basically it is like a vintage style bike where there is a little picnic basket type thing that holds all the ingredients to make a refreshing G&T. What a great little idea! Maybe I should hire them for my wedding 😉

Anyway… I am not here to talk about G&T, I am just good at drinking them 😉 As well as G&T I was also loving this guy’s glasses. The glasses really worked with the vintage look and they go perfectly with their company branding. I love it! You will never guess where these glasses are from… they are from Specsavers!!!! The reason why I am using so many exclamation marks is because I am slightly against the whole commercial thing but you know what on this occasion I like them because of how he is wearing them and it works.

You may think I am a glasses snob but the only reason why I am not all for the commercial thing is because like fashion if you buy from the high street fashion chains the chances are many people out there will have the same items as you. That is just my view on it anyway but feel free to let me know your thoughts and it maybe interesting to have a discussion on this 🙂

I am off to sip some more G&T bye for now 😉 x