Google and eyewear… what do they have in common? I normally would say nothing until I saw this on sky news. Those boffins at Google have created a very futuristic piece of eyewear and they are certainly not the normal glasses you are thinking about. This so called Google eyewear is not there to aid you to see (for those with not so perfect vision) but it is actually there to help us to be more connected with the world and our friends!

Google eyewear

Google eyewear - Project Glass

Google Eyewear… is it the future?

These futuristic glasses are designed to wrap around our head with a small integrated transparent “heads-up” display that sits above one eye. So what will this special little eye piece do? Well… it will send messages, get directions along with a built in camera so you can snap as you go and share your vision with your friends and family.

At the moment that is all the information Google have announced for their new eyewear which is currently named “Project Glass”.  I am sure there will be even more impressive technology built into this device when it does eventually launch.  “We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input,” Google wrote in a post on a Google+ page specifically for Project Glass.

I wonder if this kind of technology will affect normal glasses? Will the future of standard glasses also have similar built in technology?  It is certainly worth thinking about as it could change the way we view glasses and eyewear completely.

Anyway readers have a fab Easter weekend and I will be a bit quiet on the blogging front this Easter weekend because I am going to treat myself and give  myself some much needed time off. All normal blogging shall be back on track as of Tuesday 😉 have a good one and stuff yourselves silly with chocolate eggs 😉 Yum, Yum.  Happy Easter!