Hello readers, I have something I would like to share with you all. Lately I have been receiving photos via email from you lovely readers of your glasses and your style so I feel it is only fair if I share these with the rest of the world. Just so you get an idea of what other people up and down the country (and world) are wearing. Maybe you can get inspiration from their look and that type of thing.

At the moment this new section of my blog is being developed and will become available soon!  I have decided to name it Your Glasses and You! If you want to share your eyewear style to the rest of the world then feel free to send me an email and I shall upload your pics onto here once this section is all ready 😉 It really is that simple!

If you would like to get involved then email all images to siu@myglassesandme.co.uk. I look forward to receiving many more spexy photos of you guys and I know you lot will not let me down.

This post is short and sweet but I just wanted to give everyone enough notice to get involved and show off your style, so get sending picture of yourself or it could be a friend… with permission of course! 😉