I am sure you guys are all aware of my love for fashion and glasses by now, combine the two together equals my perfect world. I am not going to lie- I love reading fashion magazines, the are like poetry to me just like Carrie Bradshaw once said in Sex and the City and yes, I also have an obsession with Sex and the City too.

As I was reading the 30th April issue of Look magazine, according to these fashionistas at Look HQ- 50’s sunnies are back! However, I am pretty sure they were around last summer and maybe even the summer before. The whole fashion thing does make me laugh sometimes because lets face it fashion just goes around and around in circles. Nothing really is actually brand new but just re-vamped and re-labeled but I still love it. I am a sucker for it.

Look Mag issue April 30th

Look Mag issue April 30th

Personally I do love the 50’s and 60’s and in terms of fashion it was such an iconic era. So stylish and elegant. Even the eyewear from those eras are just in a league of their own. So of course when you are re-vamping the 50’s eyewear style, you just cannot go wrong.

According to Look magazine the 50’s style virtually suits every face shape, so lets go and test that theory out and see if they are right. Pink ladies- eat your heart out!

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