Irregular Choice could not be a better name for this fashion shoes brand. Like me if you are a complete shoe addict then you have probably heard of Irregular Choice, if for any reason you have not heard of them then I urge you to go and check them out! Especially if you like something a bit different. The style is a bit like Japanese street/cutiesy cartoon style. The shoes are all very fun, colourful, playful and of course irregular 😉

The company started in Brighton and yes it is a very cool, quirky town in the UK. Now Irregular Choice have branched out to places such as New York and very recently have broken into the Asia Market with their Hong Kong store (oh I love Hong Kong, my place of birth-sorry to be bias)

Their ever growing empire sees the range grow from shoes to clothing and very recently they have brought out their very first SUNGLASSES range!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! To die for!

Irregular Choice pretty in blush pink sunnies

Irregular Choice Sunglasses - Pretty in blush pink sunnies

Do you love the Irregular Choice Sunglasses?

I do! How amazing do they look!!!! The flower on the side is an attachment, how clever! You can pimp your sunnies for a different look. These oversized statement sunglasses from Irregular Choice are Sleek and slender, dramatic as the night, these feline fantasy glasses are available in midnight black, pretty in blush pink, tummy-tickling turquoise and flirty floral felts.

Irregular Choice tummy-tickling turquoise sunies

Irregular Choice Sunglasses - tummy-tickling turquoise sunnies

I am totally IN LOVE with this collection of sunglasses Irregular Choice have created, I am already building on my small collection of their shoes and it looks like I will also be starting a collection of their sunnies. It will be a crime not to surely for any fashionista? On the other hand fashion is a funny thing, sometimes it is just not everyone’s cup of tea even though it is majorly cool.

Irregular Choice midnight black sunnies

Irregular Choice Sunglasses - midnight black sunnies

As well as the awesome sunnies designs, the case that it comes in is also pretty damn gorgeous! It is so pretty that even your handbag will be proud to have it tucked inside. The case is just too cute!

Irregular Choice sunnies and Case

Irregular Choice Sunglasses

So I hear you ask how much are these spexy sunnies… well they are retail from £85 to around £95 depending on what style you go for. If you want to find out more about the brand or more importantly to purchase some of the new Irregular Choice sunglasses then get your little magic plastic card out ready to go and visit