Futuristic eyewear is becoming more and more common especially with technology moving so fast. Ten years ago when I had my first mobile phone- all it did was call and text but fast forward ten years, I have a phone which allows me to browse the internet, check my emails and so much more (by the way I am talking about my iPhone of course, I am a huge fan!). So when it comes to glasses and technology how do the two worlds mix?

Simple really, design some super high tech glasses which allows you to connect to the internet, watch a movie but you will still be able to see your surroundings. Now isn’t that clever 😉

Epson transparent multimedia glasses image from Epson.co.uk

Epson Transparent Multimedia Glasses - Image Source: Epson.co.uk

Want to know what it is? Say hello to the Epson Transparent Multimedia Glasses also known as the MOVERIO BT 100. This pair of high tech glasses allow you to connect to the wifi so you can browse the internet on the go, along with other super geeky high-tech things such as watching a movie, listening to music.  Whilst doing all these clever things the transparent lens will still allow you to see your surroundings- weird or what hey!  Check out the video below (you will have to excuse the cheesy music and voice over!).


I have to say from a fashion point of view, would you actually want to wear them out? They are not the most stylish accessory, lets face it. I don’t think I would like to wear them (sorry, call me vain) but eyewear should be practical, functional AND stylish. These super high tech glasses most certainly have the practical and functional factors but far from stylish. Maybe the next generation will be better?

Anyway if you want to find out more about this super duper high tech futuristic glasses then visit www.epson.co.uk/Store/See-Through-Mobile-Viewer/Epson-Moverio-BT-100. If you have cash to splash on the latest gadget then they may well be for you to buy, beware they retail at £519.16- ouch!