I was in Bluewater shopping centre today celebrating my friends birthday when I came across an Oakley Eyewear shop space that is yet to open. It had a massive poster stuck on the side but shame it doesn’t actually say when is due to open. The poster was what caught my eye because of the slogan “One Frame. A thousand possibilities” and I thought to myself  oooooo now this sounds interesting.  It was only when I looked up I realised it was by Oakley.

At the bottom of the poster it also says “Custom” so when I got home I looked into this and found that Oakley offer a custom made glasses service and then it all made sense. This Oakley store in Bluewater, I am guessing will be a custom made eyewear store. How cool is that!

Oakley Eyewear store in Bluewater

Oakley store in Bluewater

Oakley Eyewear – Custom Oakley Sunglasses

When this store opens (whenever that may be) I will come back again just to see how custom made they are and how many possibilities will we actually get as customers.

In the mean time if you want to look into the Oakley custom made glasses then go to http://uk.oakley.com/custom. I do wonder how creative you can go though with this service in creating your very own glasses unique to you!  We will see! 😉