Do you remember not so long ago I blogged about the Opticians Awards and I said I would investigate the Frame of 2012 for you guys? Well consider it investigated 😉 Just to jog your memory, the winner of Frame of 2012 was the SuperDry Officer.

So what is so special about these glasses that earned them the title of Frame of 2012? For a start they are by fashion brand Superdry which are known for their super cool style; Combining Japanese Graphics with vintage America.  That equals some seriously cool street wear. The glasses design did not disappoint either.

Superdry Officer

Superdry Officer - Frame of 2012

If you love Superdry and you wear glasses then I do not see why you would not like these!  The Winner, SuperDry Officer has a bold, retro-inspired, square fronted frame which is formed from premium, thicker than standard acetate. Complementing the bold shaping are smart, luxury hand-fitted leather temples in Durango brown – the same leather used in Superdry’s own premium leather goods. Intricate details such as the laser engraved top brow and unique metal trims, combined with high-spec technical features like Japanese standard 7-barrel hinges. This truly ensures every aspect of the glasses design ties in nicely with the brand itself.

SuperDry officer

SuperDry Officer - Frame of 2012

If you fancy getting your hands on a pair of these or want to find out more about them then go and visit So what is your verdict? I think they have earned their place to take the frame of 2012 throne. Comment away peeps 😉