A while ago I found a pair of my dad’s old Ray-Ban sunglasses and at the time I did indeed write about them. Here is a reminder incase you have forgotten or missed that one http://www.myglassesandme.co.uk/2011/09/vintage-ray-ban/.  Today I have once again dug them out to play. Well I had to borrow them and take them out for a spin in this gorgeous blazing sunshine.

Last time I took them out I did not notice that all the rim around the lenses were covered in soft brown leather as well as part of the arms and some of the front. I think it is an amazing design.

Vintage Ray Ban

Vintage Ray-Ban

Vintage Ray ban

Vintage Ray-Ban

I wonder nowadays how many glasses out there are covered with leather because the glasses themselves are rather heavy. I am sure by adding leather it would make the frame that bit heavier.

I really wish they were my glasses so I could treasure them 🙂 I bet you are all wondering how much the frame cost my dad back in the 90’s and the answer is around £100. It may sound like a similar price to what they are today but back in the 90’s £100 was a lot more money. My dad has always been a huge fan of Ray-Ban and I am pretty sure he has got another pair somewhere. Hum… I must find them!

vintage Ray ban

Vintage Ray-Ban

However, inside the case I did find something rather entertaining to look at and that was their 90’s promo material! It is so unbelievably cheesy and it almost made me cringe but at the same time I was also having a right ole laugh at the leaflet. Check it out yourself 😉

Old  Ray ban promotion material

Old Ray-Ban Promotion Material

It is so funny!  If you have a pair of vintage Ray-Bans (or any other frames for that matter) that you want to show off to the world then send in a picture of you wearing them with some details and I will add it to my blog!  I will be waiting patiently for your awesome pictures 😉